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LVCPO Officers

  • Andrew Block, President

  • Michael Daigle, President Elect/Vice President

  • Bob Brown, Secretary

  • Ray Bridgeman, Treasurer

  • Alicia Emili, Immediate Past President

Members at Large

  • Bill Royer

  • Irv Keister

  • Jim Williams

  • Robert Rust

  • Ron Semanick

Organizational Representatives:

  • BALC - Mark Crossley

  • EPILV - Buddy Lesavoy

  • NAIFA-PA - Jan Hartman

  • PICPA - Rosemary Lamestra

  • LVPSPE-  William Erdman

  • EPC - Kevin Danyi

  • GLVR - Kim Lucas-Mantz

  • Risk Management Association -Bryan Lobach

  • Assoc of Fundraising Professionals - Sandra Bieber

  • American Planning Assoc - Matt Sprung

  • Forum for Ethics in the Workplace -  Ron Miller

  • Lehigh County Medical Society-David Griffiths

  • PA Business Brokers Association-David Olson

About Us & Our Board: About


The LVCPO is an interdisciplinary organization that aims to serve professionals throughout the Lehigh Valley and help foster networking opportunities. Our mission is to provide members of each organization the means to expand their professional network. We share in promoting each organization’s events and industry news. We encourage and foster the exchange of ideas and information relative to business. We engage in social and community activities with members of the different associations to further our cooperative efforts and knowledge of each association’s business and strengths.

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About Us & Our Board: About
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